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AMAZON ISLAND (Tulao'otupu)
What if all the world's amazons or amazon-like women got their funds together, bought a deserted (or rundown) Pacific island, registered it as a nation with the United Nations, and set up their own constitution, flag, culture, army, everything?

It would be, of course, strictly matriarchal. Nudity allowed in all places, no more nanny state, cars banned making it a cyclist's and hiker's haven, traditional Polynesian culture adopted, never more than a mile from a sparkling white sand beach! That's Tulao'otupu, amazon haven in the Pacific. They even raise their own army, a peoples' militia, therefore making them truly amazons, one definition of which, after all, means "fighting women."

kiribati dance shoulder-mount missile launcher practice

big Tongan muscle woman from Tonga and President Nguyen Hue Bich
Pictures Above:
From left to right: An amazon from Japan performs a Kiribati (pronounced Kiribas) island dance.
Center picture: Tulao'otupu's President Nguyen Hue Bich (right) hikes with a huge Tongan amazon from Tonga (left), a "nearby" Pacific island. (Well, several hundred miles away, that's nearby in Pacific terms!) What a president!
Finally, on the right-most picture, a trainer eyes how her student does with a shoulder-mount rocket launcher. The Second Ammendment lives in Tulao'otupu, stronger even than in United States! That student is just a regular citizen! Citizens are allowed to have military weapons! They just have to deal with their high cost.
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Stories, especially the intrigueing "velomobile and muscle women" story below, are on this site. Illustrative pictures are still with them as well.

Velomobiles and Muscle women

velomobiles and muscle women
With their tall, hard bodies and their long, well-muscled legs, velomobiling is a natural for muscle women. Traveling in a velomobile (recumbent enclosed bicycle) at respectable speeds over considerable distances is effortless for these gals with their strength and stamina. There are single-rider velomobiles, 2- or-more-rider velomobiles, touring velomobiles and racing velomobiles. This will be fully explored via picture and story within this site.
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IMPORTANT LINKS Female muscle art and Yuri Comics

My art features many muscle women and velomobiles of fantasy. Well, velomobiles are real and can actually be purchased. There is a velomobile dealer right here in the Americas!
Go to for models and more information!

Velomobile example 1 Velomobile example 2 Velomobile example 3

go to Ann's site!

As mentioned above, my art features muscle women and velomobile fantasies. Above I introduced a source of real velomobiles. Here is a real muscle woman! She is Ann Rivieccio and her site is here (click)!

Also, she is the photographer for (click here)!

Prophecy Keepers
Presents and compares prophecies of American Indians and other indigenous people including those of ancient Europe. Makes interesting listening. Their site is essentially free. However, donations help them maintain their Internet archive of prophecy-related talks with host, Blue Otter.
To Prophecy Keepers
To Prophecy Keepers

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